The One and Only  Maynard Ferguson
From his meteoric rise to musical stardom in the Forties and Fifties and throughout his 60-year career as a bandleader, Maynard was uncompromising in his ability and willingness to thrill audiences with his talent on the trumpet. No other trumpet player has inspired so many young people to pursue a career with the instrument or commanded so many dedicated fans. His tireless love of the music and the life on the road made him truly special, and allowed millions of fans to hear him play all across the globe. Indeed, Maynard is, "The One and Only."
Proteges & Prodigies:  Arturo Sandoval   Jon Faddis
Easily the two greatest trumpet players of their generation, Arturo Sandoval and Jon Faddis share a common source of inspiration in Dizzy Gillespie. Each man's fearless technique and pyrotechic feats extrapolates the talents of the master of bebop, and both had a deeply personal relationship with Dizzy as well. In this sense, Arturo and Jon are equal parts protege and prodigy, having ascended to and surpassed Dizzy on the trumpet in many ways. The indelible mark and impression these two have made on young trumpet players cannot be measured, and I seriously doubt we'll see their equal again.
Lead Players & Frontmen:  Lin Biviano   Bill Chase   Bud Brisbois
By the time Swing mainstreamed in the mid Forties the popular dance bands of the day had relegated the lead player to anchoring the section, and any high notes were usually played by the 4th or 5th chair, like Maynard with Dorsey and Kenton or Cat with Duke. The trend began to reverse course when Bud Brisbois split the lead duties on the Kenton band starting in 1958. Bill Chase set the tone for much of the 1960's with the Woody Herman band, and Lin Biviano was the ultimate "swagger" lead player with Buddy Rich and Count Basie during the 1970's. Each of these men would go on to solo careers and front his own band.
A Legend In Any Era  Doc Severinsen
I imagine that if Doc had been born a generation or two earlier he would have been the first name mentioned in a conversation of the world's greatest cornet soloists that included Herbert L. Clarke and Del Staigers. He was destined to be the best. As it is, Doc commands a firm postion in a modern conversation about history's most influential trumpet players, a list that includes Louis Armstrong, Dizzy Gillespie, Miles Davis, Clifford Brown, and Maynard Ferguson. An entire school of thought with regard to the trumpet, the Bill Adam Method, aspires to be like Doc, to attain "The Sound" and foremost to be a well-rounded musician. He is simply the greatest. Featured Artist:  Andrea Tofanelli
From the start he was gifted with natural ability and could play into the trumpet's upper register at a young age, and although his early influences include Louis, Dizzy, and the famous Italian trumpeter Nini Rosso, Andrea's love for music reached beyond jazz. He became an excellent classical player, winning several auditions and being accepted into the conservatory. At the conservatory he discovered Maynard Ferguson, and fell in love with his music. In 1997 he saw Maynard live for the first time. A beautiful friendship formed immediately and lead to Andrea being invited to play at the Maynard Tribute in 2006. Featured Artist:  Ernie Garside
Ernie Garside is an icon in the world of jazz trumpet. His roots are in Manchester, England, where he managed and promoted international trumpet giants Dizzy Gillespie, Clark Terry, and Freddie Hubbard. During the late 1960's, as the owner of Club 43, he made Maynard Ferguson a mainstay for three years, and produced one of the great albums of all-time, MF HORN. He managed the Maynard Ferguson orchestra for 9 years, leading the successful U.S. comeback and the creative half of the Columbia Years. With endless youthful energy to match his spirit, Mr. Garside currently manages more than twenty world-famous jazz acts.